The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis Overall, a 3.5. This book was a good follow up to the first in the Lucky Harbor series, Simply Irresistible. I really liked the Steel Magnolia aka Tara. She was tough as nails, but it stemmed from a need to protect herself, which I could well understand. Tara and Ford have quite a history that stems back to when they were teenagers in love one magical summer in Lucky Harbor that ended in a bitter(sweet?) parting. They have rekindled their acquaintance...and flaming hot, seventeen years later, when Tara moves back to Lucky Harbor to take over the inn she inherited along with her two half-sisters (the h's of the other two books in the series). Something about Ford's "easy come, easy go" approach to life, with him unwilling to exert himself for that which doesn't come easily, just struck me as immature. I realize Shalvis redeems/tries to redeem him with his later explanation that he let Tara go way back when because he thought she deserved better, but that didn't wash away his general approach to everything else in life. I still enjoyed the book a lot, and I'd recommend this series for contemporary romance fans.

I'm looking forward to reading book 3, Chloe and Sawyer's story. There's an excerpt in the back of this book for their story, and I was pleased to read that Chloe sounds like she did a little growing up/maturing in her time at Lucky Harbor. One random observation: Shalvis loves the phrase "caved like a cheap suitcase." It showed up in this book, in book 1 (Simply Irresistible), and it even showed up in the 10 page teaser for book 3, Head Over Heels. It's something the casual reader probably wouldn't notice, but it irritated me a little since I read books 1 and 2 so close together.