The Sweetest Tattoo - Cameron Dane I'm not usually an erotic romance reader, but this novella was recommended when I sought recs for one of my favorite themes (discussed below). This story was very good at weaving the emotional development of the H and h throughout their physical interactions. Because they're isolated at a cabin for a week, they are constantly in each other's company and learning more about each other beyond the antagonistic exchanges that had been their previous norm. Add to that constant companionship the fact that they've been frenemies for some 20 years already, and the development of their relationship surprisingly doesn't feel rushed or unrealistic, given the short one week time span of the story.

This story would probably be more of a 3 to 3.5 for me, but I gave it a little boost to four because it executes well one of my favorite tropes: the H's unrequited love for the h. Related to that, I loved the "here's the truth" scene when John confesses to Kelsie that he's always been fascinated with her, and yes, she is, and has always been, The One. *shivers* I was grinning like a fool during that scene, then straight through the epilogue.