Anyone But You - Jennifer Crusie After reading and loving "Bet Me," I bought a lot of 9 Jennifer Crusie books on eBay. This is the first of the lot that I've picked up, and it was soooo worth it. Loved this book, and loved Fred! I was ready for a charming, lighthearted and frothy type of read with very little angst, and this book delivered.

Nothing too complex about the plot - Alex is Nina's decade-younger neighbor (he's 30; she's 40), and although he's interested in her romantically, she refuses to believe he could be attracted to an older woman. However, they spend tons of time together hanging out, watching movies, and trying to ignore their attraction to the other (which they feel could not possibly be reciprocated). In the meanwhile, they are each dating their "usual" suspects - Alex with his bombshell dates and Nina with her distinguished older gents. I particularly liked the interactions between the two of them when they save each other from their respective dates. Crusie also does a wonderful job with the supporting characters and Fred the matchmaking part basset/part beagle, and the interactions between Alex, Nina, and their respective best friends actually add plenty of insight into their characters. I loved seeing Alex's point of view. It was so sweet that he initially didn't want to "make a move" because he feared Nina's rejection, which would mean she wouldn't let him hang out, and he couldn't bear not being in her company, even as "friends."

I laughed out loud a number of times, and I just couldn't put this book down when I should have been heading to bed. The copyright is mid-1990s, but for the most part it doesn't read "old." Only one part struck me as a dated reference - Dr. Farkle and Dr. Farkle and Dr. Farkle? I'm not familiar with this allusion and had no idea how the Farkles fit into the picture.

Overall, a satisfying read that left me with a smile on my face.