Courting Miss Hattie - Pamela Morsi I have no words.


Expanded thoughts: Although I would normally be troubled by a hero who is already engaged, it worked in this book, and the bratty betrothed actually has more layers than initially portrayed. Miss Hattie is a wonderful character who reminds me a bit of Maggie Osborne's Jenny Jones in her self-sufficiency and lack of pretension. Reed is hotttness personified - honest, hard-working, and playful with a hint of wickedness. I love how the author reveals his feelings for Hattie...even without Reed's being able to put a name to such just yet. The moment when Hattie realizes Reed intends his visit to be courting is priceless. I was deeply invested in their HEA from the start. Reed and his peaches...*shivers* delicious! Theirs is a sweet and passionate story with a slow burn that feels so damn good when it catches fire.

I loved this book. Seriously loved it.

Edit: Don't be thrown off by the $$$ listing on Amazon. You can find a used copy for cheap on or by clicking the plus sign next to the Paperback listing on Amazon, which will reveal a drop down menu that includes a 1991 edition. Amazon is sneaky like that with the hidden listings.