The Scotsman And The Spinster - Carolyn Madison More of a 3+ story. On the better end of the traditional Regency spectrum. Ross is a great H who lacks pretentious lordly airs, but carries a natural nobility and commanding presence following his many years in military service. He's also not afraid to go after what he wants, and his pursuit of the seemingly reluctant (but secretly delighted) Addie is enjoyable. The romance plot is set against a historically stretched recall vote of Wellington, for which Ross (newly and reluctantly named viscount following his uncle's death) is groomed by Addie to be a gentleman in order to take up the cause of promoting the need to keep Wellington in the war on the Continent. Minus points for some really sloppy editing mistakes, e.g. "his head titled" instead of "tilted" and "in are morning gowns" instead of "our."

P.S. Carolyn Madison is a pseudonym for Joan Overfield, who wrote a number of traditional Regencies under that name.