Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale I bought Flowers from the Storm after reading about it so often on the Amazon discussion forums. Basically, I think it's a very good book...that I probably won't read ever again.

The ending is wonderful and a tearjerker, but I did not feel like I could relate to the characters in any way. I'm not saying that relatability is a requirement (um, I know I'm not a 17 year old virgin debutante who changes gowns three times a day), but their personalities didn't grow on me, despite my being sympathetic to the difficulties inherent in the hero's situation. The descriptions of his frustration in not being able to communicate are rather heartbreaking. The way their story is portrayed is rife with details and realism, but I didn't see their relationship as very romantic (notwithstanding the ending scene).

Generally, it's too angsty for my tastes, and although I recognize the skill in crafting these lives, I don't necessarily feel compelled to visit (i.e., read about) them again.