Dame Fortune - Meredith Bond Heroine: Rose Grace, eldest daughter of famed archeologist Lord Pemberton-Howe (I think that's his name)

Hero: St. John Fotheringay-Phipps (I think that's his name), aka Fungy (to the ton) and Sinjun

Verdict: Very disappointing. I barely made it through this book, and that was mainly because it was my last book before traveling and I was hoping it would get better. Fungy (horrifyingly bad name)/Sinjun (better because it's period-accurate, but still not the greatest) seemed weak-willed, which is the kiss of death for a romance novel hero. He needed his first love Georgiana to point out that he was in love before he recognized that he loved Rose, and his ready acceptance of Georgiana's observation made him seem as though he didn't have a mind of his own. The only thing he had going in his favor was his "startlingly handsome" looks and his long-buried love of antiquities and learning. Overall bad, pretty bad.

In a sentence or two: Rose discovers her dad's estate is in ruins and she must marry well to save the family. Fungy, after being rejected by his first love, is determined to be a non pareil amongst the ton, and he is thus a perfect guide to the ton's foibles for our naive heroine. She gets mixed up with a villainous gambler/staid stick in the mud (don't ask me how he is both things...it really was a bad book), and Fungy saves the day.