Prince Charming M D - Susan Mallery I enjoy almost everything Susan Mallery writes, and this book is no exception. The heroine in this book, Dana Rowan, can be a pain sometimes with both her stubborn refusal to believe that the hero, Trevor MacAllister, is genuinely interested in her and how quick she is to judge him in the negative when she hears rumors swirl about his dating life (which, in fact, is non-existent).

The rumors take on a life of their own, and they get WAY out of hand, both in the book and in distracting away from the romance plot. That said, Trevor is the book's saving grace. He is a tall, dark and handsome doctor with a playboy reputation...that is completely unwarranted. He just returned to his hometown to work at the hospital where Dana is a nurse. After many exchanges rife with sexual tension, plus a week at a management training seminar together where things get er...out of hand one night, he finally gets through to Dana that he wants to date her. He's trying to take it slow with Dana, who was his high school sweetheart before a huge misunderstanding splits them up, because he wants her to see him as a man and not as his reputation, and the tenderness and vulnerability he displays make me want to gobble him up.

Overall, I'd give this book 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4. I was halfway in love with Trevor myself and ready to kick the heroine sometimes for her too-quick-to-judge moments and the times she believed all of the rumors, despite Trevor's insistence they were painting him far blacker than reality. However, like I said, the romance in the end is sweet, and let's just say they imbue an egg (an exercise that is part of the management training seminar) with plenty of personality and humor.




Trevor MacAllister, M.D. - a.k.a. "Dr. Love" - was a living legend. A brilliant surgeon - and so sexy he made grown women whimper. And his arrival at Honeygrove Memorial Hospital had all the nurses atwitter, competing to play Cinderella to his roguish Prince Charming...

All except Dana Rowan. She prayed for immunity to Trevor's attractions. Once upon a time in high school, he'd been her first love - and she'd lived unhappily ever after. And she absolutely, positively, refused to succumb to fairy tales - or Trevor's brand of temptation - twice...