First Impressions - Christopher Koehler I'm surprised to report that I enjoyed this story. True to its title, its first impression on me was not so great; I didn't really care for either MC and wasn't sure if I was even rooting for them to get together. Furthermore, they don't meet until the 5th or 6th chapter/maybe 15% into the book.

However, I actually enjoyed it. The characters take a nice, long journey from the awful first impressions they make to reconciling in the end as explanations and revelations re: character and motivations come to the fore.

Also, bonus points because this novel features an ex-porn star as a MC, and that aspect was handled gracefully with a surprising amount of tact and realism, too. I thought the characters overall were well rounded, and the secondary characters were fun, fleshed out, and sometimes incredibly frustrating.

All in all, it made for a good read. :)