Behind Iron Lace - Mercy Celeste 3.5-4 stars. Very good contemporary m/m story with genuine and sympathetic characters.

The sexytimes were really hottt and well done. Darcy's discovery of himself and his sexuality was pretty engrossing to watch, and so was seeing the hard-living tattooed bad boy Caleb fall hard for preppy seemingly mild-mannered Darcy. Loved Caleb and his Cajun and French dirty talk. Darcy also came as a surprise because he was much more aggressive in pursuing his physical relationship with Caleb than the introduction of Darcy's character led me to expect.

Practically speaking, the formatting and missing punctuation distracted from the overall enjoyment of this opposites-attract GFY/OFY novel. Even so, I really liked it and thought there was a sense of realism and authenticity to the characters' actions and dialogue, even if the plot and some of its developments were rather melodramatic.