Scandalous Desires - Elizabeth Hoyt 4+/4.5 stars. This was a reeeeeally strong story for me with great development and lots of juicy anticipation since they waited quite a while (for Hoyt's standards) to get on with the sexytimes. However, something was lacking to make it that full 5 stars. Note: On reflection, I think that "something" was for the heroine to be a strong enough counterpart to the enthralling pirate hero. Regardless, this one is the best of the series thus far, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have had TWO super duper great reads in a row. *squeals*

Oh, and Charming Mickey O'Connor?

Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want to steal him, love him, marry him, and have 10,000 rosy-cheeked, curly black-haired Irish-Chinese babies with him. Oh yes I do.