Jinxed - Inez Kelley 2+ to 2.5 stars.

Frannie was too much of an emotionally bipolar basketcase who put Jinx through the wringer for me to like this story any more. Jinx himself started out on the stalkeriffic side of sanity, and Frannie's reactions to those efforts were realistically discouraging. Once they reached an accord, though, and she agreed to give a relationship a shot, her continued steadfast belief that Jinx would leave her (not to mention her being a mean and pissy rhymes-with-witch 80% of the time) irritated the living daylights out of me. She didn't think she was good enough for him, and I honestly agreed with her after she treated him so terribly SO many times.

I know that we later got more of her background and the reasons why she was so emotionally scarred, but it made me respect her less to think she was letting that baggage hold her back for THAT long. Jinx was more than justified to lash out at her when she dealt him the final blow, and I kind of wish he had stayed mad at her a little longer because, really, she was awful and deserved it. Is it REALLY that hard to believe in the "fairy tale," as she put it? I don't know - it just didn't work for me, and Jinx DID deserve better.

Jinx was the saving grace of this story, once you look past the initial crazy stalker shenanigans he pulled. I thought some of the measures he took towards courtship and wooing were just the sweetest and most romantic ideas I'd read in quite some time. Unfortunately, he wasn't enough to pull this story out of the "it was okay" territory into which the terribly cliched self-pitying heroine dragged it.