An Unsuitable Match - Patricia Oliver Overall a good book. Patricia Oliver delivers, yet again, a well-written traditional Regency with characters that are fleshed out and dialog that reads authentically. The points of view are well done and detailed. A plain and countrified nobody, Serena can be a sharp-tongued shrew at times, and I cringed at some of the things she said to the duke. However, they forge an unlikely friendship as the duke initially seeks her out for the amusement he garners from their verbal sparring, then decides to play knight-in-shining-armor when difficulties at home arise for Serena. I would rate it a smidge higher, but something strikes me as very abrupt in the duke's "reformation" after his years of dissipation following his twin brother's death (and Hawk's ascension to the title).



Serena Millbanks might be an innocent country miss, but she was well aware that London was alive with libertines. Forewarned was forearmed, and she was quite sure that she would be more than a match for the amorous advances of these shameless seducers.

Serena was not prepared, however, to have not only one but four of the premier rakes of the realm pursuing her. There was the enigmatic Lord Monroyal, the dashing Sir David Laughton, the devastating Anthony Dalton, and leading the pack, the scandalous but dazzlingly attractive Major Guy Hawkhurst, Duke of Wolverton. With each of these gentlemen offering his own version of love, and the duke stirring dangerous desire, Serena had to choose whether to escape into a marriage without love or lose her virtue along with her heart...