Open the Door

Open the Door - Renay So I've rediscovered reading after a very long hiatus, and the driving force behind my newest binge has been "Teen Wolf" fanfic, particularly with the #Sterek relationship. If you've seen me on Twitter and/or Tumblr, you'll know that this show has pretty much taken over my life for the last week or two as I got caught up on all of the seasons and episodes...and THEN dived headfirst into the world of #Sterek fics.

I'm not going to add all of the ones I've read, but I wanted to add this one because I thought it was really sweet. I thought the characters stayed true to the show, and I enjoyed seeing the Stiles/Derek relationship develop in a way that I actually could see happening "IRL" (where IRL = in the show's real life).

Also, I'm a sucker for the fics where Derek is pining and has no idea how to show it, and Stiles knows everything, but is clueless about that one fact. It's the romcom lover in me. :)