Manhandled - S.A. Reid,  Rosemary O'Malley Ooooh...I liked this one. The ending was a little questionable for me, but overall I liked the characters and story quite a bit. This story is a contemporary m/m erotic romance short story/novella.

Who, what, and where?
A blue collar police officer and a posh (virrrrrgin!) doctor in Boston. They meet through completely unplanned circumstances. It's pretty hot. They have to work through their perceived class differences to realize their incendiary attraction to each other just will not be denied.

My thoughts.
Really liked it. I thought the characterization was really well done. I liked Brendan (the officer) and Stephen (the doc). Although Stephen still had his V card, it was really exciting to see him come into his sexuality...with Brendan there to lend a helping hand (...and mouth...and cock...). ;) As they resolved their differences and their feelings for each other, it became clear that they had a rather adventurous and aggressive sexual compatibility.

What gave me pause.
That adventurous sexual side led to a HEA that was kind of...squeamish for me. It's clear they had an HEA between the two of them, but the final scene didn't really fit my comfort zone of HEA. The last scene showed them about to initiate a threesome with another guy. While I guess this fit into the adventurous aspect of their relationship, I just...didn't like that part (sorry!).

Quite a hot little piece of fiction here. I enjoyed it. 3.5-4 stars.

N.B.: The Kindle version ends at ~54%. The rest of the file contains two excerpts from the authors' other works.

Note: Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this story in exchange for an honest opinion.