Super Zero

Super Zero - Rhonda Stapleton Hrm. Okay.

The good: It's a cool concept to do a world with superheroes. The writing quality was good. The humor was, for the most part, entertaining.

The bad: I found the characterization pretty inconsistent. The first person heroine was kind of all over the place (thinking she's all "I am woman, hear me roar!" independent, but then acting kind of damsel-in-distress/getting-herself-into-trouble/TSTL dumb), and the hero was just a little TOO mysterious for my tastes. The heroine didn't even learn his real name or see him without his superhero mask until the very last scene.

The so-so: The plot seemed really dumb at first. If you read it, you'll see what I mean. Why would they have a human protect this all-important crystal and then give her a superhero bodyguard? Why wouldn't they just have the superhero bodyguard just be the protector in the first place? It's not until the last ~15% of the book that the seemingly ridiculous plot point gets explained, and by then it was a case of "too little, too late" for me. I also didn't buy into the heroine/narrator's explanation for why she was the one chosen for the job.

The might-matter-to-some-people: This is a romance, but it isn't all that romantic. The hero is pretty aloof and non-demonstrative. It's also closed door in terms of the sexytimes.

Overall...okay. Could've been good-ish, but I dunno...something about it just felt kind of off with the characters. The heroine/narrator was a little annoying in her wishy-washiness.

2+/2.5 stars.