You and a Billion Blue Tiles

You and a Billion Blue Tiles - Missy Welsh LOVED this one. This story was another of the short stories available in the M/M group's free GayRomLit 2011 compilation. Adam and Lincoln are about to graduate from boarding school, and this story portrays the wonder of their recognizing and fulfilling their respective fantasies about each other. The author alternates between the two POVs to great effect. We see Adam's overcoming his shyness to act on his attraction for Lincoln and, once in the thick of things, Adam's willingness and eagerness to please and learn how to please. Lincoln's confidence and strength offset Adam's initial timidness, and we benefit from seeing from Lincoln's POV his own vulnerability and desire for Adam.

I loved this short story, and the author packs a lot of stuff - hot sexytimes, sweet tenderness, and revealing exploration of each other both physically and emotionally - into ~20 pages.

Note: This short story can be found as part of the M/M group's FREE GayRomLit 2011 compilation: Download It Here