The Side Effects of Forgetting (Forgetting, #1)

The Side Effects of Forgetting (Forgetting, #1) - seventhswan 3.5-4 stars. I waffled between a 3-3.5 rating and a 3.5-4 star rating. I think I'll go with the more generous 3.5-4 stars because this was a freebie read, and it's quite good when one takes that into consideration.

This story was a fun read. It's an m/m short online fiction story about a college student who loses his memory and has to relearn everything about who he is, including his sexual orientation.

Told entirely from the (present tense, meh!) POV of the amnesiac Kellan Green, we are right there in his head as we navigate his life and his thoughts together with him. I was somewhat indifferent to the beginning, and it took me a little while to get used to (a) the rather informal style of internet fiction writing, (b) the present tense writing, and (c) the general "coming-of-age" sort of tone that I associate so much with YA writing. The "coming-of-age" tone was a byproduct of the "learning about himself" aspect of Kellan's amnesia, but this didn't read like a YA or anything (thankfully). Actually, once I got into the story, I couldn't pull myself away. I wanted to know what happened, and I wanted to know now.

Although this story features college-aged protagonists, this is not a YA story. There's sexytimes, and it's fairly explicit. I think it ended rather abruptly, so I'm interested to see if there's a sequel or if this is a continuing series. I noticed there's a note that there will be another story from one of the other character's POV. I wonder if that'll show where Kellan and his romantic interest end up.

Overall, though, I enjoyed it a lot, and as a freebie read, the price was definitely right.

Note that there are the expected typos and wrong word usage of freebie fiction, but there were surprisingly few compared to other freebie reads.