Scoundrel - Zoe Archer Okay, I turned the page and saw two pages that contained a total of four paragraphs (two paragraphs on each page). Seriously? I can only take so much description, author.

This book gets the inaugural spot on my brand spankin' new "not-now-maybe-never" shelf. I enter "don't finish a book you don't think you'll like" rehab, I am *deep breath* setting this one aside. *sobs* It's so hard to break my typical MO of always always finishing a book, but as so many people have pointed out, there are just too many out there to put the effort into reading something you think will require "effort" as opposed to "pleasure."

I said it in one of my status updates, and I'll say it again here: I'm not sure if Archer's writing style is for me. I like her voice generally from both main characters' POVs, but I don't appreciate her descriptions and setting. They just aren't interesting enough to merit the number of words she dedicates to them.

That pretty much sums it up. She's not a bad writer, and the "Blades of the Rose" world isn't terrible. It just isn't interesting enough for me to sift through pages of unimpressive description to get to the story.