Faith & Fidelity - Tere Michaels 3 to 3.5 stars. This book was very good and emotional. Their strong feelings for each other leapt off the page, and the angst of having those feelings was a constant presence. Their relationship grew and developed naturally and organically. The pacing felt solid, and the characters felt real. While I thought it was normal and not unexpected for Evan to have the wig-out breaking-up-with-Matt scene, I was enormously disappointed that Matt slept with another man in the interim between break-up and reconciliation. I guess I could sort of see where the plot and character development would take him to that point, but it still came as a shock to my system. I hoped he would get to the room and just need someone to hold him or something, not go into the actual sex act. I recognize he didn't thnk he'd ever have another chance with Evan, so it's not technically cheating. However, it just felt so wrong to me. Maybe I'm just naive in that sense. There were also little typos that really distracted me from the writing. Most noticeable were words that were given improper contractions. For example, "the father his kids deserved" instead said "the father his kid's deserved."

I received this book from my RFR Secret Santa - thanks!