Doctor's Delight (Big Girls Lovin' Trilogy, #1) - Angela Verdenius A good read, 3 to 3+ overall. Cherry is a massive bundle of insecurity and self-doubt due, in large part, to her plus-sized proportions, and Rick is the dreamy, perfect, and eternally patient hunk who sweeps onto the scene to sweep Cherry off her feet. For an erotic romance, I thought this story was sweet and entertaining, and there were some lively secondary characters thrown into the mix. I'm not rating it higher than a 3/good because that's what it is: a good, comfortable read with nothing ground-breaking or mind-blowing about it.

As I've come to expect with nearly everything I've read lately, there were some distracting editing errors (e.g., "titling her head up" rather than "TILTING her head up") that detracted from my reading experience. Seriously, though, am I just a perfectionist (I don't deny this possibility) or are writing standards just going down the tubes??? I feel I should start offering my admittedly OCD and law firm-trained proofreading skills out at a (modest, of course) rate.