A Merry Escapade - Jenna Jones I love this book.

Clean, traditional Regency with a dashing hero in determined pursuit of an oddball heroine (who is a self-proclaimed non-beauty with a "ball on the end of her nose" and two front teeth that look like "drunken prizefighters"). When they kiss for the first time *swoon*, she even asks him if he's afraid he'll get "stuck." As in...stuck in her two front teeth. *grins* Basically, I love the two main characters. The heroine is sweet and spunky, and the hero sees her worth where others do not.

There is a mystery subplot that is well done. Heroine is trying to figure out what her father was saying about some sort of list while he was on his deathbed, on which he also confessed to being a spy for the French. Of course, madcap heroine feels there's nowhere left to turn, so she boldly approaches the hero (whom she doesn't necessarily think will agree, but honestly...where else will she go?). Shockingly enough, war hero earl agrees to what promises to be a lively diversion from the dull Season and its matchmaking mamas.

Love love love this book! I cannot recommend it more highly to those who enjoy traditional Regencies.

Note: This is a traditional Regency, which means it's "squeaky clean" (i.e., no sexytimes!). There's a sorta sexytimes scene in the epilogue, but it doesn't use any raunchy or explicit language.