Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis 3.5 stars. A very good read with great characters. Not a higher rating, though, because Maddie annoyed me a little too much with her insecurities and self-doubt. I know, I know - she's just out of an abusive relationship, got it. But I still felt it took her a really long time (too long?) to learn to trust herself and Jax. Jax is a saint for all of his patience in pursuing her even when she was pushing him away. The story is heartwarming and laugh out loud funny in the first half. It became a little more of an emotional read in the second half as they're working through Maddie's trust issues. The sensual tension between these two is pretty fierce.

Basically, 3.5 with a boost up to 4 stars because Jax is pretty much perfect - smart, preternaturally attuned to his woman's needs and emotions, not afraid of his own feelings, good with his hands (and other body parts...), and overall a sexy beast. Loved him AND his foxy friends, too. I will definitely be reading the next book of the series.