The Secret - Julie Garwood Love those Highlanders! (And Garwood writes them without a silly amount of "Och!"s and "wee lassie"s, too.) Iain and Judith are just great characters who make a great couple. Laird Iain is a delicious combination of protective, possessive, dominant and aggressive, yet at the same time tender with Judith. An "outsider" from England, Judith is spunky and has a strong sense of integrity and independence, which can sometimes lead her into some unusual situations when challenging the traditional views of the clan.

This book was a great warm-and-fuzzy read - perfect for when you want one of those "feel good" stories that's low on angst and villainy. I'm not a big fan of romances set during the Medieval period, but this story didn't distract me with a lot of those period details that I find unappealing (lack of bathing, etc.). Maybe it's a bit modern in language and sensibilities in that sense, but that's okay because it made for a great read. This was my first book by Garwood, but it won't be my last. Recommended!