The Last Male Virgin - Katherine Deauxville The title is provocative, the story line and blurb are very promising, but the book ended up only so-so.

Peter is cute, earnest, and funny, but he seemed a bit one-dimensional in his pursuit of Leslie. Katherine Deauxville didn't reveal much of his personality. I could not for the life of me figure out why he was so head over heels for Leslie, who seemed pretty uptight and lacked character and vivacity.

Overall, there were a handful of drop-dead funny scenes, but pages of drawn-out prose and descriptive scenes of high-society DC life in between. Around 120 pages into it, I was disappointed to find myself looking at how many more pages there were until the end. It was tough to finish, but the ending was pretty cute.

Really, this book was a mixed bag. There are better ones out there